Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The day we stop asking questions, we cease to extend the frontiers of our lives - Terry Mante

THIS is a question of identity. It’s a question that will be asked of you. The interview panel will ask you. The person you want to marry would demand an answer to this question about yourself. Your kids will ask you; even your parents will ask you at a point in your life. And more importantly, you will ask yourself. To be able to answer this question of identity, you must recognise that:

1. You are an individual. Your fingerprint, DNA, voice structure, and many things about you are exceptional, exclusive and unique. You are the only person with your fingerprint, DNA and voice. Throughout human history, there has never been anyone like you, there is nobody like you and there will never be any person like you. There is nothing we can do to change our fingerprints and DNA. This implies that each of us is distinct in form, character and personality.

2. You are invaluable. The intrinsic value of every human being is immeasurable. The depth and breadth of the value of any human is deeper and wider than all the oceans of the world put together. You don’t have to place anything above you. You don’t have to look down on yourself. You are priceless. Don’t sell yourself to poverty, ignorance, immorality and small talk.

3. You are influential. Value is expressed through influence. We demonstrate our value through the influence we exert on the affairs of the world. Influence is the ability that we have to have an effect on the course of events. The capacity to influence is an inherent potential of every single person on the face of the earth, including you.


THIS is a question of purpose. For every individual, there is an exact answer to this question. There is an answer that is unique to you only. It explains the reason for your existence. The answer to this question lies in three considerations:

1. Abilities: Abilities are the things we are able to do in a unique way without special training. Your ability is not something you negotiate for. Neither do you pay to acquire them. Every person is born with a certain kind of ability. Your life becomes meaningful when you harness the treasure of your abilities. What you can do indicates what you should do. Your ability tells you what you can conveniently do in a significant manner.

2. Attributes: Every person has peculiar traits and personality characteristics that influence what they do and how they do it. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert person, literary or numerate, temperate or intemperate, it speaks to your purpose in life. Your personality is designed to position you for your purpose. Instead of being worried about how you are, think of what you can do with how you are.

3. Anointing: Anointing is the supernatural gift of God upon your life that complements what you have naturally. It makes up for the holes in your abilities. It helps you to manage the weaknesses that are inherent in your natural abilities and attributes and bestows on you an uncommon capacity to excel in the things that you have been designed to do in life. You receive the anointing when you develop sensitivity to God.


THIS is a question of ability. It helps you to know your equipment for living out your identity and fulfilling your purpose. Everybody has what it takes to experience a life of meaning and significance. This is packaged in our abilities, attributes and anointing. Your task is to discover your uniqueness by following these three guidelines:

1. Look within. What are the things that you are strongly interested in? What do you often think about? What annoys you consistently? What is the most pressing dream on your heart? The answers to these questions represent your passion. Your passion indicates the kind of problem you are designed to solve. If you know your passion, you can live with purpose and meaning.

2. Look behind. Behind you is a bouquet of elements we call experience. Experience comprises your family background, religious orientation, educational processes, mistakes you have made and anything you have heard, seen, touched, felt or handled. All those elements contribute to who you are and shape how you engage in life. If you are seeking to have meaning and fulfillment in life, don’t overlook your experiences.

3. Look up. Human beings are created as God’s extension. That is why we are seen as God’s image. To discover who we really are and get a grip of our lives, we should nurture an intimate relationship with God. We should get to know God as best as possible. The more we know of God, the better we know of ourselves.

THE day we stop asking questions, we cease to extend the frontiers of our lives. Progress in life is a product of the answers we get to the questions we ask. We can find meaning in life if we ask the right questions and vigorously pursue answers.

© 2011 Terry Mante
Accra, Ghana

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