Monday, May 9, 2011


Success is no respecter of persons

HAVE you ever seen anybody defy the law of floatation to walk on the surface of water? In recent history I haven’t seen or heard anybody do that but from the Bible, I’ve read a scenario where Jesus walked on water to join His disciples on a watercraft in the middle of a lake. This happened at a time when the winds were blowing contrary to the direction of the sail. When the disciples saw Jesus initially, they were terrified. Jesus assuaged their fears and assured them that there was nothing to worry about. He then invited Peter, one of His disciples to approach Him by walking on the water. So long as Peter focused on Jesus, He stayed afloat. The moment he turned to look at the contrary winds, Peter began to sink.
In your journey of life, you will come across situations where you will have to do things that no person in the world has ever done before. When you come to such a situation, you can learn from Peter’s water-walking experience.

1. See uncertainty as part of life’s routine. Stepping into a new situation is like attempting to walk on water. You cannot precisely predict everything that will happen in your life. Some people are extremely upbeat while others are overly pessimistic. There are others who are so-so; they have no extreme expectations. Whatever it is, any prediction we have is mere expectation. Since we do not have sovereign control over all occurrences of life, we cannot be cocksure that our expectations will spring forth into manifestation all the time. If you are anxious about how your life is going to turn out, it’s normal. But be sure not to be ruled by your anxiety.

2. Simple people can do extraordinary things. There is no extraordinary person on the face of the earth. Nevertheless ordinary people do extraordinary things. Success is no respecter of persons. If Jesus walked on water, we may want to attribute that to His divine personality. How then do we explain Peter’s toddle on the water? He was an ordinary fisherman who decided to take a bold step toward his dream – his dream was to get to where Jesus was on the water. He stepped onto the water not knowing what to expect. Nevertheless, he made it. Between where you stand and your dream is an uncertain path. What you need to do is to tread that path. It’s a path that you can travel on. No matter how unstable, uncertain or risky it may seem, you need to get going.

3. Storms will come. When Barack Obama publicly announced his intention to go at the presidency, political pundits wrote him off. However, he braved the odds and eventually blazed the trail to become America’s first African-American president. The battle for the Democratic Party’s nomination was a fierce one against then New York Senator and former first lady Hillary Clinton. As if that was not enough, after defeating Clinton, he had to face the experienced Republican Party candidate Senator John McCain before he could enter the Whitehouse. On the campaign trail, he captivated the world with his oratory, camaraderie, confidence and insight. All that display was in spite of smear campaign hurled at him by his opponents and irresponsible statements made by key members of his campaign team. Those were President Obama’s storms. You will face yours too but...

4. Stay focused on your goals. So long as Peter kept his eyes on his goal (which was to go to Jesus) he stayed afloat the water. The moment he turned away from his goal to look at the storm, he began to sink. My friend, it’s important that you keep your eyes on your goals. While driving, if a driver turns away to stare at an accident scenario on the side of the road, you can almost predict what is likely to happen. So long as the driver keeps his focus straight, all other things being equal he’ll be fine on the road. Don’t allow your challenges to distract you. You must determine that no matter what happens, you will not throw your dreams away. No matter how enormous your obstacles are, you must preserve your dreams.

BELIEVE in yourself. Believe that you’ve got what it takes to make your dreams a reality and make your life count. You have time, talent, opportunity and grace. The power to succeed resides in you. Like Peter, step out with confidence!

© 2011 Terry Mante
Accra, Ghana

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